zola jesus – in your nature (david lynch remix)

Nika Roza Danilova, admittedly, has never been a huge fan of remixes in general. Although she makes dance-y beats and music, the dozens of remix requests that come in each week — both asking her to lend her own stems or to produce for other bands — have been declined. Both artist and label tend to feel that most remixes frequently fail to improve on the original and since Sacred Bones is not (yet) a full fledged dance 12-inch label, no one in this camp has felt that remixes are an imperative for our roster artists who do not wish to engage in them.
Once in a while though, an opportunity comes along that we simply can not pass up. The chance to work with one of our all time favorite artists, David Lynch, was such an opportunity. And so it is our honor to present the first and only official authorized Zola Jesus remix, “In Your Nature,” as heard through the ears of David Lynch. We gave Mr. Lynch a copy of her album Conatus and let him pick which track he wanted to work with. He chose a track that we felt already had single potential, and replaced the tension building string patches with intricately crafted guitar parts, orchestrated and performed by himself and music assistant Dean Hurley. What was once a dance track becomes a lurching, cinematic masterpiece. The beat is slowed to a crawl, drum and synth patches removed entirely, and what is left is something perhaps closer to the nature of Zola Jesus than we ever could have hoped for.

Released by: Sacred Bones Records
Release/catalogue number: SBR-073
Release date: Jan 21, 2012

[via deepgoa]


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