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pogo – mellow brick road (wizard of oz remix)


Video by Reed Gauthier: http://www.reedgauthier.com/
Music by Pogo: http://www.pogomix.net/
Title by MumboJumbo: http://soundcloud.com/mumbojumbo

This is the video for my track ‘Mellow Brick Road’, a remix of sounds, vocals and musical chords recorded from The Wizard Of Oz.

The video is by Reed Gauthier, and was voted the winning video in my competition by 1,635 people. 44 YouTube users submitted their creations over the course of two weeks, and the top five were selected and voted for at PogoMix.net by over 5,000 people.

Watch all 44 entries here: http://www.youtube.com/video_response_view_all?v=1jCHv1p6yes

View the Top 5 entries here: http://www.pogomix.net/mellow-brick-road

My sincerest thanks to everybody for their amazing contributions. I hope this competition has helped gain people some exposure, and inspire others to jump on the tube and get creative. Thanks, everybody!

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