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four tet – smile around the face


album. everything ecstatic
year. 2005

autechre – bike


For this video I used one static shot, of a narrow part of the Tel Aviv beach walk away.
video Technique: There are 2 layers of the same video, so I could “plant” images in an inbetween layer, so you got this stuff coming from behind the fence towards the front and back into the sea, by using a simple Chroma Key filter.

album. incunabula
year. 1993

the cinematic orchestra – evolution II (mr. p remix)


Altissimo. Changes in pace.

LookyCreative /

Patryk Kizny
Robert Paluch
Fabian Weber

Editing and grading:
Patryk Kizny

© LookyCreative

The Cinematic Orchestra – Evolution II (Mr. P remix)
Written by Jason Swinscoe, Phil France, Patrick Carpenter
Published by Just Isn’t Music
(P) Ninja Tune 2002
Licensed Courtesy of Ninja Tune

Graded using DaVinci Resolve

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Footage available for licensing in 4K Digital Cinema.

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album. man with a movie camera
year. 2003


ellen allien & apparat – jet


album. orchestra of bubbles
year. 2006

elan tamara – don’t know why


album. organ ep
year. 2011

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fuck art, let’s dance! – pages


sebastien san – shades


album. shades ep
year. 2011