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jamie woon – night air


album: night air (12″ single)
year: 2010

moby – go (in dub mix by jam & spoon)


album: the ultimate go (the ’92 mixes) (single)
year: 1992

dj vadim – the terrorist


album: u.s.s.r. life from the other side
year: 1999

autechre – plyphon


Unofficial-non commercial video for plyPhon, a song from the latest Autechre release, Quaristice.

Every visual element is connected to a sound event; the whole video is intended to be like a sort of virtual score that develops itself in a continued run, according to the music.​

year: 2008

[via dyi]

scuba – you got me (i got you)


album: triangulation interpretations
year: 2010


sraunus – im herbst


sraunus – im herbst
[release: sutemos020]
[direktdownload | .mp3/9:24min/20,5mb]
lizenz: creative commons

mrsa – different


The world we knew is gone.

The conditions which framed and taught us our standards have gone with it.

Our needs are now different, and our aims must be different.

album: sick music
year: 2009