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rock cookie bottom – what are they gonna do?

#143. A song I wrote really quickly for this conference, SIGINT. Then later on, I wrote another song that was sort of a SIGINT Anthem. You’ll hear that soon, and you’ll even see the process of me writing it. Yay!


First they came for the porn sites
and I didn’t say a thing
I’ve known an open internet
Since I was just 13

What are they gonna do?
It’s not like they can shut off the tubes
What are they gonna do?

Then they came for the torrent sites
But still I was not moved
They said file sharing is illegal
I didn’t believe them, but what could i DO

Net Neutrality has nothing to do with me

Next they constricted bandwidth
Which didn’t really seem fair
I never use that much bandwidth anyway
So why should I care?

What are they gonna do?
It’s not like they can shut off the tubes

Next they came for youtube
and other video sharing sites
The house of social networking
came crashing down overnight

finally they came for me
and my little ‘ol site
I ended up on their master list
though they never said why
I looked to the CCC and EFF
to help me set things straight
by then there was no one left
by then it was already too late

If they do all they want to do
They won’t have to shut off the tubes
They can turn the NET into TV
Where they control everything that I see
That’s what they want to do X3
But we shouldn’t let them

rock cookie bottom

tosca – springer


death cab for cutie – little bribes (fan video)

For this video, I pulled out every time lapse, stop motion and live action camera trick that I could think of. The goal was to create a fresh, new direction to take my work to.

More information can be found at


paul steel – i gave her my number

Paul Steel / Music Video / 2008
I Gave Her My Number
Editing and AE compositing by Tomas Nils Bustad.


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die aerzte – zu spaet

mit unglaublich schlechtem video


christian walt – beach

christian walt – beach
[release: id08]
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lizenz: creative commons

depeche mode – peace (willbe remix)

My remix of Peace, the second single issued from Depeche Mode’s latest album, “Sounds of the Universe”. Althought trip-hop-ish, this remix is very similar to the original, simply because I really love this DM song, and I wanted to keep that special vibe it has.

released 05 May 2009
Written and composed by Martin L Gore and Dave Gahan, remixed by William Lamy.

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das mit der angegebenen creative commons lizenz auf der downloadseite duerfte nicht stimmen. oder hab ich was verpasst?